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  • Q-I’m on a website called Tumblr, and want to put out “Tumblr: The Unofficial Album” with musical parodies I’ve written of the content in that site, which is actually content from TV shows, books, movies, etc. For example, there’s a song titled “A Doomsday Love Story”, which is about the Rose/Doctor pairing in Doctor Who, […]

  • Q-Someone has penetrated to my website. How can I sue him? A-Finding the hacker is the hard part and requires sophisticated technical expertise. If you lack the resources, perhaps a criminal complaint is the way to go. You would start with the police and local D.A. but if it is an international hacker, it might […]

  • Q-[name omitted]represented my mother’s estate and my sister and I as personal representatives. She failed to notify the funeral home as a creditor, got herself paid, then stuck us with the funeral bill since my mother had no money left in her account. Then she told us “you got enough”, pay the funeral bill. A-Although […]

  • Q-There is an offensive picture posted to a few social network sites of my daughter that were posted without my consent and the photographer will not remove them. can I take her to court to get them removed? The picture is of my ex with my daughter and 3 of his kids with a + then […]

  • Q-I’ve been interested in possibly buying a Bitc oin casino but before I do so I want to make sure it’s legal to own one in the US. I noticed that theirs a ton of virtual casinos on facebook where you can buy tokens to gamble with and those are legal, the tokens can’t be withdrawn […]

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