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  • Q-I’m on a website called Tumblr, and want to put out “Tumblr: The Unofficial Album” with musical parodies I’ve written of the content in that site, which is actually content from TV shows, books, movies, etc. For example, there’s a song titled “A Doomsday Love Story”, which is about the Rose/Doctor pairing in Doctor Who, […]

  • Q-Someone has penetrated to my website. How can I sue him? A-Finding the hacker is the hard part and requires sophisticated technical expertise. If you lack the resources, perhaps a criminal complaint is the way to go. You would start with the police and local D.A. but if it is an international hacker, it might […]

  • Q-There is an offensive picture posted to a few social network sites of my daughter that were posted without my consent and the photographer will not remove them. can I take her to court to get them removed? The picture is of my ex with my daughter and 3 of his kids with a + then […]

  • Q-I’ve been interested in possibly buying a Bitc oin casino but before I do so I want to make sure it’s legal to own one in the US. I noticed that theirs a ton of virtual casinos on facebook where you can buy tokens to gamble with and those are legal, the tokens can’t be withdrawn […]

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