Q-Apartment Repairs: California. Coax cables provide intermittent internet connectivity. Also, the coax outputs are hanging out of the wall, posing an extreme hazard to my toddler. If I were to pay hundreds of dollars to have them repaired and then leave, the landlord would be unjustly enriched, would he not? 


A-It is probably the utility company that owns the cables so getting the cables to work correctly will not be the landlord’s responsibility. As far as the safety hazard, can you specify who’s fault it is that the cables are posing a danger? Your best bet is probably to ask the utility to correct the danger and tell them it’s an emergency hazard to a child in the home. If they don’t do anything about it soon enough, you may have it fixed and then take the utility to small claims court if they don’t reimburse or credit you. The landlord MAY have the responsibility to quickly repair the cables that are a risk to your child without cost to you but it depends on whether the landlord owns the cables or not and whether it was the landlords failure that made them a hazard. If you paid for it and it was the landlord’s responsibility, you can then withhold it from your rent, among some other options. This situation will require an attorney to review the specifics of your case to fully answer your questions.