Q-I have a month to month commercial lease for a business I started with a partner. The lease (which says non-transferable) is in my name only. Sold my portion of the business to the partner over a year ago, who legally changed the name & has been paying the rent with checks in the new business name. The partner has stopped paying me for the sale of the business. Broken contract aside, if I give notice to terminate the lease would the landlord have to return my deposit? I understand they can accept rent payments from any source but what happens once I give notice? At this point I just want my deposit back. If eviction were necessary who would be responsible? Also the property has transferred to a new owner. My lease states the deposit is 6K. The new owner claims it’s $3100. Help!

A-As far as the landlord is concerned, you signed a contract with them and you’re still under contract because your partner and his new business became a sub-letter. You can try negotiating with the landlord to remove your name from the lease so you’re not responsible but they don’t have to do that. As far as the deposit, you’ll need to find evidence of the amount you originally gave and designated as a refundable deposit.