Q-There is an offensive picture posted to a few social network sites of my daughter that were posted without my consent and the photographer will not remove them. can I take her to court to get them removed? The picture is of my ex with my daughter and 3 of his kids with a + then a picture of his wife holding her belly then = 7…To anyone who looks at this public website it looks like my ex’s wife is claiming that she is my daughter’s mother and gave birth to her otherwise the picture would read ex+wife=6 as she did not bear all of the children in the picture. Are there no rights for a mother when someone else falsely states they gave birth to a child that is not theirs?!


A- Depending on what type of offensiveness, you might be able to get them taken down by appealing to the site and telling the site management which of their policies are broken by the picture in questions. As far as parent’s rights go- if your ex has equal legal custody (which is different from physical custody), then your ex has the same right to post pictures that you do.